About @blackloudproud

I think my Instagram bio sums me up nicely! I'm just a friend, a sistar, a daughter, and an extension of the ancestors; i'm just springin up in their place. ANDDDD I would like to add that i'm a fuckin space age librarian and historian!

I love black folk so much that I changed my last name to BLACK--we're all in this together.

As my spirit mother Fannie Lou Hamer would say: "NOBODY'S FREE UNTIL EVERYBODY'S FREE"

And I must add in my "intro to let you know" that I'm from where ever we're from; where ever you can find black folk, that's where I'm from! Born in Statesboro, GA. Moved to D.C. to go to THEE HOWARD UNIVERSITY. Left DC, landed in Chicago, and adopted a new home,  a new take on life, and a whole master's degree from the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. Now I'm back in D.C. wonderin how long I'll last w/ these HIGH ASS RENT PRICES!!!!